Our good friend, T.C. Collins, founder of Willow Run Acres of Ypsilanti, has founded a new Community Garden at Appleridge Park in Ypsilanti. The gardens will be developed and ready for use this year!! Willow Run Acres provides a wide range of experiences including hands-on gardening, gardening classes and education, annual Potato Days, wellness ventures, sustainability in a holistic & healthy approach, garden safety classes, food distribution, role modeling/mentor opportunities, and other community engagements for individuals, groups, families, and businesses. They aim to promote sustainable gardening and farming within the community using a positive, encouraging, educational, and hands-on approach. TC started gardening and farming at 2-3 years old with his great great grandparents. He now manages many gardens and has reached over 2,500 students with his classes, workshops, volunteerism and community engagement through gardening and farming every year.

Please consider volunteering with Willow Run Acres and/or Washtenaw Promise in early April to help build the new community Garden at Appleridge Park!