The Woodlands at Bruin Lake

Creating more Opportunities for Learning at our new Educational Center

We are excited to announce the development of The Woodlands at Bruin Lake, an outdoor education center that will offer educational and other programs for Ypsilanti community students, teachers, families, and organizations from the Ypsilanti area, by the summer of 2023. The Center is an astounding 120-acre slice of nature that will provide young and older minds with new and exciting outdoor experiences and opportunities.

At The Woodland at Bruin Lake, Washtenaw Promise will focus on enriching the lives of children and young adults, increasing their knowledge of the natural world, building confidence and the capacity to learn more effectively, inspiring creativity, addressing social issues and removing barriers.

Offerings at The Woodlands at Bruin Lake will include:

  • Educational programs for children, beginning at preK, including science (STEM) and outdoor education, outdoor play, exercise and health. Children can expect to gain self-confidence, experience new connections to the natural world, and have opportunities to experiment with new challenges.
  • Professional Development programs which will help teachers to find new joy and rewards in their profession
  • Opportunities for organizations to utilize the area for workshops, events and other uses

Please watch this space for upcoming news and information regarding the new Woodlands at Bruin Lake educational center.