In our world, potential is equally distributed. Opportunity and access are not.

As a result, vast human potential is lost, beginning in childhood from ages zero to four. The only thing worse than this is when we don’t act to change it.

We believe that to do this we must increase opportunity for learning at the most critical period of human development. This means providing parents and caregivers access to the tools and methods that will ensure a strong foundational education for children of ages 0-4, and to the resources necessary to empower well being in the home.

The stresses of poverty, social injustice, and emotional challenges present barriers to the bright future that every child needs and deserves. Washtenaw Promise works with children, young families, schools and the community, to remove those barriers.

Every child should have the chance to live their dreams . . .

What are we doing about it?

Learn more below about the programs we’ve started and how you can get involved.

Placing Volunteer Mentors; “Big Friends” in Preschools

In collaboration with public and private preschools, and other non-profits and advisors, we have built a unique preschool mentoring team of community volunteers who offer weekly support to children in need. Our trained mentors provide social and emotional support for children ages 3 and 4, and help connect their families with resources necessary to build a healthy foundation for lifelong learning. Join us as a volunteer! We welcome your participation in this program.

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Addressing the Challenges of Early Childhood Education

We’re helping to identify and prioritize common challenges shared by the 90+ early childhood learning providers of Ypsilanti. By increasing conversation, building new partnerships and bringing new resources to bear, we are addressing together, tough issues of staffing, teacher development, trauma in children and adults, underfunding, and other issues identified by those doing this critical work “on the ground”.

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Supporting New Opportunities for STEM Education

We believe that more opportunity for science, technology, art, engineering and mathematics (STEAM) education for our students, beginning in preschool, is critical for the future of our children. In partnership with Ypsilanti Community Schools, Washtenaw Intermediate School District (WISD), and others, we provide funding, volunteers and other supports.

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What can you do to help?

Engage with us. Share your knowledge, passion and experience and join us in making a difference for children who deserve the best possible future.To learn about meaningful volunteer opportunities, fill out the simple form below and we will respond to you quickly!